How to Buy An Power Screwdriver & Its Bits

A screw driver is probably the most common tool that can be found almost in every house. It is a device to turn the screw, manually or powered. A screw driver comprises a handle, a shaft usually made of toughened steel for strength with a hardened tip for inserting it into the screw head. The tips usually classify screwdrivers as those are shaped corresponding to screw head – slots, grooves, recesses, etc. Some screwdrivers come with interchangeable tips with shaft fitting into the slot cut in the handle.

Screwdriver Bits

A screwdriver bit is a device for turning screws. It is an extended fitting that very well adjust with most of the power drilling tools. Like all screws, they also have a head with a dented profile which matches an appropriate screwdriver tip can be employed in it in such a fashion that on the application of enough torque by manual/power screwdriver it will cause the screw to turn.


Each screwdriver bits have what is known as a quater-inch hex shank, and can fit into any drill with either a keyed, keyless or quarter (6.35mm) hex drive chuck.

There are three types of screwdriver bits available:
– Insert Bits
– Power Bits
– Double Ended Bits

A electric screwdriver offers you better control than a manual screwdriver. Not only electric screwdrivers are more powerful but can do a job more quickly and efficiently. They save time and efforts when need demands driving in a lot of screws. An electric screwdriver is indeed a versatile tool that helps you perform effortlessly for demanding DIY jobs. Electric screwdrivers draw power from the mains and traditionally known as corded screwdrivers. Cordless screwdrivers are battery operated and offer freedom from tethered cable for more flexibility and accessibility to tight working space.

Some key features that are taken into consideration while deciding to buy an electric screwdriver are:

Nature of Job

If you require a screwdriver for light tasks, traditional electric screwdriver is good enough, but for tougher jobs, you may need electric motors with higher outputs.
Corded or Cordless: Main-powered screwdrivers are more powerful than their cordless counterparts and are quite handy as corded screwdrivers carry rechargeable batteries which are a bit heavy.

RPM of Motor

The revolution per minute or rpm denotes the speed with which your electric screw driver will turn. The higher is the rpm; the greater is the speed of your motor. Motors with varying speed control offer you more control.

Torque Variation

The torque is a measure of rotating force. With greater torque, one can handle bigger screws as those require more force. The control over torque helps to fix a screw heads flush with the surface.

Option of Drill Driver

A tool that can drill and drives screws is more preferable. The screwdriver bits and drill bits fit the Drill Driver to perform the function of two different tools saving money in the long run. A cordless Drill Driver is understood to be the most popular portable tool so far. They come with a slip clutch to adjust torque needed for the precise screw driving.

Choice of Impact Drivers

An Impact Driver is designed to perform the bit rotation and offering concussive blows simultaneously. The synergy of these two delivers more torque to drive long, bigger screws. Since the torque is directed to the screw and not to the wrist, Impact Drivers are easier to handle.

Spindle Lock

Some electric screwdrivers come with a locking mechanism to allow the tool to perform manually.


Handles are essential from the angle of performing tougher jobs. The rubberized or soft handle is good for the grip. Handles made of hard material are not very comfortable for working with sweaty hands.

A large variety of electric screwdrivers are available in a wide price range. An electric screwdriver should be selected as per your precise need, should be reliable and offers you the value of money. Electric screwdrivers, however, need proper care and timely servicing for longer life.

Author: Carolyn Howell

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